"Marvel Technology (China) Co., Ltd",

Invested by China Government, is a leading 'LCD' Company having been founded in Shenzhen, China back in 2008.Being the one and only Company in the industry for the professional manufacturing of LCD digital signage products, Marvel were strategically invested into by the Shenzhen Government a while ago. Since then, the nature of Marvel's Company became heavily invested by the Chinese government. With more than 100 workers within the business, they support your everyday needs in both our offices and factory environment, ensuring of professional and beneficial management procedures are adhered too, in order to accommodate your business to schedule and budget. We are supporting China and are one of the world's largest 'LCD' product professional companies. We are committed to focusing on becoming the most professional designer, manufacturer and supplier of 'LCD' digital signage, including stand alone digital signage, wall-mounted digital signage, LCD video wall, Interactive touch tables, multimedia kiosk, POP LCD screen, outdoor advertising players, interactive LCD blackboard, 3D Holographic Displays and Glasses Free 3D displays etc.